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Welcome all to the Eldar Museum

I am the curator of this Museum Dr Honka von squekerisum

we will be looking back to when some of you were mere glints in the milkmans eye.

back in 1990s they released a bunch of models made from all sorts of poisonous things like lead.

this is where our first piece is from here we have the striking scorpions

circa 1990 and 1991 these were back in the days when scorps looked nimble and before they were placed in bizarre positions.

at the same time they also released these metal guardians you can see the identical stance close combat guardians looking badass with their las pistols.... yes las pistols this was way back in 2nd edition when you could give them las pistols.

and the next item is a special piece which was given to my by my lovely brother Grim. can only described as "The judderman"

still a work in progress
this little guys is particularly kool as its the same age as me.

and thats all for now in the eldar Museum join us again to see some models who were made before some of you were.
and the reason that so many model makers back then were very sick from lead poisoning


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