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I loved Talon of Horus, couldn't put it down! Brilliant cast of characters and I'm always a sucker for stories involving a group of guys from different legions working together. I think it works well because you can pick up a story featuring a bunch of new characters and already know something about them based on the character of their respective legions.

As always ADB's World Eaters are brilliant. Before Betrayer the WE legion were, for me, a boring one dimensional legion that didn't really interest me. Bowden made them so much more, and after reading Talon I'm starting to think it might be the element of humour that makes them appealing

I look forward to the follow up to this and the prospect of the Alpha Legion being introduced adds to that- not to mention traitor primarchs post heresy

EDIT: Regarding the change in personality of Abaddon, this version is better and makes more sense to me. The Abaddon of the original HH trilogy kind of fits the purpose of that three book story but probably doesn't justify Horus' affection for him. Maybe you could rationalise it as the initial portrayal of Abaddon being primarily from Loken's perspective... I don't know. I'm happy with authors having different takes on characters anyway and prefer a bit of inconsistency if that means characters and concepts in the 40k universe can be improved upon over time.


^ Balanced 40k!

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