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Elias, Tobias, Liam, Greiner, and Thede; Rushing to the blown out windows, your just in time to see the first of the Orks slaughtering those to slow to get up and defend themselves. Krassus is clearly doing his best to keep them at bay with his heavy stubber, but his gun is soon silenced when one of the greenskins takes an interest in him. Liam and Tobias both direct their shots at an Ork charging at LaVeer, Liam managing to put a bolt between the greenskins eyes and Tobin putting a tight group of shots into the things chest and gut. The alien falls backward, dead as far as anyone can tell from this distance.

Greiner and Thede both take aim at separate targets, both managing to hit their mark with Thedeís target taking a blow to the leg and hitting the ground while Greiner only wings the shoulder of his. Both spray the building with shoddy machine guns, the aliens aim a joke if their guns werenít shooting out explosive rounds. Both of you drop down to avoid being killed, and thatís when something is tossed in the building, bouncing off a table and rolling on the floor.

Elias has his eyes set on the most dangerous prize coming into the compound, the Ork nob. While the others shoot at the smaller Orks or try to protect the troopers still outside, Elias sprays controlled bursts at the nob. It bellows orders at those around it before pulling a grenade from a pouch and lobbing it into the building. You get up from your spot and dive into the nearest person to you, the warning of a grenade on your lips a second before the thing goes off.

[You all hear Eliasís warning, with Greiner hauling Thede behind cover just in time and Tobias jumping out of the way. Liam, however, is out in the open with nowhere to go. Just as the grenade goes off, someone in black tackles you to the ground and is shredded as a result. Coughing and picking yourselves up, Tobias and Elias will notice that Jacques is dead, having shielded Liam from the grenade. Greiner will have a sliver of shrapnel in his leg but everyone else is otherwise winded but unharmed.]

Krassus and LaVeer; Monsters sprint in from the remnants of the gate, six of them in total but it might as well have been six hundred for all it mattered. Several of them go right for those of you on the ground, two pouncing on troopers with almost maniacal glee. A third one goes after LaVeer, but a flurry of las-bolts from the building the others had gone to arrests the beasts jump and it hits the ground. Others turn their sights on the building now, opening fire with crude looking machine guns and peppering the wall with craters. That is until the largest one lobs what could only be a grenade into the building, just before some other massive thing smashes into it. Another creature, this one a blur of black and splashes of white, runs it and the Ork into a wall and the two trade blows.

[No time to watch the fight or see if those in the building are OK. LaVeer, you get back to your feet and scramble for your gun, narrowly dodging having your head taken off by another of the Orks. It lunges at you, a blade a third the length of your body slashing out to disembowel you, but you block with your carbine just in time.

Dom, without wasting a moment you let rip with your heavy stubber and unleash a hail of bullets at the incoming Orks. Shots pepper the ground, making the group scatter initially until one of them shoots at you and blows a fist sized hole in the wall right by your head. Retreating back up to the top of the wall, the Ork comes after you, bounding up the steps in moments. Unfortunately, for it, youíre ready and pull the trigger when itís right in front of you. This one is promptly shredded.]

Theodoricus; Bounding forward, you charge through the shattered gate and take in the scene. The bodies of the dead and dying lie around the central courtyard, with Orks stalking towards the few who remain on the ground or walls while a few more open fire on the main building. More survivors, taking cover behind the walls of the main building, trade fire with the greenskins while one of the beasts lobs a grenade inside.

Sidestepping stray las bolts and explosive shells, you crash into the massive bulk of the Ork leader, the nob that had ignored the chance to take you on before. Unlike before, however, you continue to piston forward. The two of you collide with the wall of the main building, cracking the rockrete. The nob recovers quickly, a meaty fist crashing into the side of your head, forcing you back. Its other arm scrabbles at its side, grabbing hold of a pistol that it tears out of a leather holster.

[This will not be an easy fight, to say the least. The pistol is automatic, four shots will hammer into your mid-section. None will penetrate, but a new warning will flash on your display. The nob will manage to knock the chainsword out of your grip before it takes any major damage, but you are hardly defenseless.]

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