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Here's an excerpt from my new novel Khârn; The Complainer.

I almost didn't recognise him as he strode across the crowded deck. The warp changes all of us, for better or for worse, but with Khârn it wasn't so much a physical change, but a change to his aura.

"Hello chaps", he declared in a smooth pur. Gone was his gravelly rasp of a voice. "I wondered if you'd all like a spot of tea and perhaps some scones. I baked them myself this morning."

We stared in disbelief as he gestured to us to sit. Moments later he reappeared carrying a large plate of scones with a pot of strawberry jam and a pot of clotted cream. Khârn gestured to his flowery apron. "I won this apron in the great bake-off of Kavurios VII. There was some stiff competition, but my 3 tiered lemon meringue pie really won over the judges. Who could possibly resist a second tier covered in condensed milk?"

"Khârn!", I exclaimed, spreading the clotted cream thickly over the fresh scone, "What ever happened to you? You have changed!"

As he looked at me, a kindly smile crept across his battle scarred face.
"Well darling, 10,000 years of combat changes us all. After the massacre of Purvis I decided to take a good long look at my life and I asked myself, 'am I really happy?', and you know what? I couldn't say 'yes'. I said to myself, 'Khârn, you silly goose, is this the way you want to live your life? Filled with hatred, anger and death?' "

Khârn gestured to a box near the table. I peered curiously inside and noticed that within its cardboard shell were 4 beautiful kittens.

Khârn nodded to me and continued, "You see, I realised that I had caused far too much suffering in my time. Now it's time for change. I have opened a shelter for the galaxy's abandoned kittens. Do you know how many kittens were abandoned during the last Black Crusade?"

I stared at him blanky, taking a sip of tea from the delicate porcelain cup. "No, I can't say that I do."

Khârn let out a jovial chuckle. "To be honest, neither do I, but I can assure you that the number is high."

How could this have happened to him? How could he have changed from the most violent creature in the galaxy to a master baker and owner of a kitten sanctuary. Time changes people sure. But perhaps events change them more.

After the failure of the Heresy could anyone be surprised that Khârn would change this much? During the Heresy and even the Great Crusade, his faith and belief in Angron was absolute, completely confident in their path and victory. But then Angron, his beloved and idolised father turned into a great big piece of shit.

After Terra, the war was lost, he was found dead as his brothers were forced to flee before the wrath of the loyalists. Although he miraculously recovered, he then found himself erased from Imperial records, which, lets face it, was upsetting for all of us.

Then within the Eye the remains of his Legion were slowly hunted down and murdered by the other traitor legions, their once proud and famed reputation ruined and forgotten, only their 'cowardice' at the Seige remembered.


I'm going to give Angel of Blood and ADB some writing credit as they both inspired me grately. If Abaddon is justified in such a dramatic change, surely they all are. ;-)

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