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Can definitely see the logic loop.

1) Psyker takes one power from daemonology.

2) Psyker has psychic focus - gains daemonology primaris.

3) Psyker has chaos psychic focus - gains Tzeentch primaris.

Two conflicting rules here, so wording is important:

4 A) If during the course of the game, that Psyker gains a psychic power from a different psychic discipline, he immediately loses Psychic Focus and the associated primaris power.

4 B) If a psyker has a mark of chaos or is a daemon of a particular chaos god, that model automatically knows the primaris power of the discipline that corresponds to their patron deity, in addition to any other powers it knows.

So I suppose the real question is whether "in addition to any other powers it knows" constitutes an exception to 4 A. Given the way it's worded as "during the course of the game" personally I'd argue that this rule was intended to apply to units that can generate powers mid-game (not that I have an example of such a unit, but maybe it was something they intended).

It's also very important to note that it specifically states under generating psychic powers:

Psykers generate their psychic powers before the game begins

Ergo any rule that stipulates "during the course of the game" does not apply as powers are generated before the game even starts.

Seems fairly clear cut to me, though pretty tricky to find all the details. Thoughts?

EDIT: Summary : Enjoy your three psychic powers.
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