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ok got the final photos for the prism tank.

ok so i said i would say what i used

for the blue
started with
Aldorf Guard Blue
and did a thin coat of that all over
then Drackenhof Nightshade wash
then went back over with the Aldorf on the raised bits (thin layer again)
then on teh parts i want to fade i did a thin layer of hoeth blue did several to slowly raise the brightness
final one was lothern blue on the tippy top layer again keep it thin keep it safe

once all that was done stepped back and took a photo.... then realised it still really obvious layer so went back with thinned Aldorf over the Hoeth line
and a thinned hoeth over the lothern line
just to blur it slightly
Don't worry if you accidentally fill in the creases where the wash has settled after all is done its best to go over the creases with a detail brush and the wash

Spirit stones

First off Mechite Red
then evil sunz scarlet
finished off with Troll slayer Orange

Prism Crystal

Abaddon Black
then Loren Forest very watery then hang the prism up with the point facing down, do several layers you are happy with the depth
Then Warboss Green same tactic as the Loren hang up with the point down with watery green
then Moot Green rinse and repeat as before.
Final item underhive ash on the point

those are the main point ... i know no one asked how i did it but thought it was worth mentioning

if you got any question feel free to ask next post should be the finished cloned guardians

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