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Zach entered the main building with the others, figuring that both any threat within the walls would probably kill them all if left alone, and that any threat within the building would surely be smaller or less numerous than the threat outside. Two men walked in front of him, making him feel as safe as he could be in his predicament. As the group moved purposefully forward, Zach took the time to take in the surroundings. He looked around, trying to see if there were any supplies that he might be useful later, but could only see the remains such. Shelves were emptied, their contents strewn broken on the floor, as if someone was desperately trying to find something. His weapon hung low in his hands as he looked around. The place was ransacked, with great haste. In the little light coming from behind them, a wetness glistened on the floor. Was that blood? It wasn't splattered on the ground, as he had seen happen with the other soldiers who were shot to pieces, but seemed to have been dripping from a wound. A terrible wound, looking at the amount of blood.
His comrades, if you could call them that, were silent. The sounds from outside; gunfire, explosions and harsh shouting rung in Zach's ears. Despite this, cries of anguish became audible ahead of them, muffled through a pair of closed doors. In his nervous condition, it took a moment for him to imagine what must have happened, but as he was about to speak his hypothesis, "Guys, I think -", the door was kicked in and they were standing eye to eye with two figures who had their weapons already pointing at them. One of them was covered in blood, and on the table near them a third man lay that looked even worse. "DON'T SHOOT! DON'T SHOOT!" Shouted Zach, his hands raised, moving as if he was telekinetically trying to knock away the weapons of the two men in front of him. However, his shouts just added to the cacophony of the other five men. There was no time to fear whether anyone would open fire though, as an earth-shaking explosion made Zach yelp and throw himself to the ground. A rain of glass made him glad he was wearing his helmet for the second time this day.
Luckily, his squadmates had finally understood the two men were on their side. 'The gate is open!' shouted the man next to him, as Zach tried to stand up. His heart sank, as did he. He crouched towards the nearest window, cautiously peeking outside.
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