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The crash of glass and splintering of wood could definitely be heard within the central building of the outpost, of that Liam was certain. Clutching the grip of his carbine until his knuckles were white, he put a shoulder against one of the walls to either side of the main double doors and tried to steady his breathing; reciting the litany of calming under his ragged breath. The sweat that had soaked his uniform during the groups flight from the wrecked haulers had started to settle, the dry wind making him shiver despite te heat.

The sound of gunfire made Liam look back towards the gate, some of the others had taken to the walls and were shooting down at those vile aliens. The crack-whine of the carbines was interjected by booming returns from the guns of the orks and the stubber of that Dominus guy. Shaking his head, Liam looked back at the three others that had come with him, all against the opposite wall as if waiting for him to make the first move.

A muffled scream, like someone in the grips of death or something like it, spurred everyone into action. Liam kicked one of the twp doors, Greiner, the guy from the ocean, did the same with the other one and all four charged in with guns raised. What Liam saw might have given him pause if he had not just been chased like a dog and hunted down by monsters made real.

There were two figures, clad in shadows thanks to the low light of the building and with weapons aimed at Liam and the others. Who, or whatever they were, Liam didn't really care. At least one of the was hunched over like the Orks and their voices were both harsh and had accents that definitely marked them as not from this world.

“Put down your weapons! Put down your fucking weapons!” Greiner yelled, while the pair opposite them seemed to do the same thing. One of them growled for Liam and the others not to be fools, which only made Liam's lip curl back in anger and his finger came that much closer to pulling the trigger.

Suddenly and without any sort of warning, the shooting from outside stopped and an explosion lit up the courtyard behind them. The windows of the building shattered and everyone dived for cover of some sort. Hitting a bench on his way to the ground, Liam coughed and rolled onto his back, glass crunching beneath him as he did so. When he had dived, Liam had gotten a better look at the pair, illuminated by whatever had gone on behind him. He had seen the pale faces of men and seen the aquila on their helmets, and their weapons were a variation of the carbine that Liam and the others were carrying. "Iyve Empriter" one of them had called out, and it finally hit home for Liam: offworlders!

“The Aquilia! They’re friendly!” Greiner yelled to everyone, scrambling to his feet. The older man wasted no time gawking at the fact that these pair were offworlders likely come to help them, instead he made to close the doors they had busted open. Liam scrambled to join him, getting an eyeful of what had happened outside.

"The gate is gone!" He yelled even as the first of the Orks stalked through the flaming remains and bounded towards one of a number of prone troopers on the ground. "Get up, get up!" Liam yelled to those outside, shouldering his carbine and shooting towards the massive form of an Ork and praying to the God-Emperor he hit and did something.
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