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Originally Posted by ArkInRev View Post
So again, why do I care about "winning" so much? Because when it comes to the experience of 40k, I don't see evidence of people placing value on motivation or morality. That's either because it is assumed, which would be quite a presumption, or that it just isn't there. Value is demonstrably placed on quantifiable and qualifiable aspects.

In the end, no one beats anyone at 40k or any other hobby. Everyone collectively wins by engaging with others, or by allowing the idea to exist within which everyone can participate, or by whatever draws a positive response for their position. In fact, we all win by having a robot that is skilled enough to play against us. The stakes of losing collectively at a hobby, is that it will just vanish into history.
yeah, i feel that - gw management let the future of 40k get sucked into the cell-phone warp.
bunch of slaaneshi tau-crons.
that is why slaanesh has 'disappeared' lately i'd guess,
cuz g-dub bosses are paranoid, need to hide their excesses,
so moar skulls n free rhinos for everyone in the bar, beetchis!
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