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Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
The armada starter box (which comes with a Corvette, a Nebulon-B, and a Victory + some fighters for each side) leans pretty heavily on the Imperials - also got the individual ships didn't help too much to change the fact
Yeah the Nebulon B doesn’t look like it can take much of a pounding. While its long range fire power seems decent for a ship of its size, it doesn’t look like it’s easy to keep your front arc pointed at the enemy and still be able to keep your distance. Especially if your enemy really wants to close with you. Now mind you I haven’t played myself, but it seems like it would be hard after watching battle reports on youtube.

Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
Wave 2 gave us the Gladiator and the Assault Frigate Mk2 - which gave the Rebels their first "front line" ship, the nebulons and corvettes are very glass-hammery, and gave the imperials probably their most efficient ship in the gladiator.
Efficient because of their firepower to cost, to maneuverability, to survivability ratio, or something else?

Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
Wave 3 brought us the Imperial Star Destroyer, Raider, the MC 80 (Ackbar) and the MC 30 - this wave brought out both heavy hitters for both sides (probably give the edge with the Rebels) an anti-fighter/corvette ship for the Imperials, which is nice - not super amazing - and the MC 30 which is probably the best small ship in the game, getting a pair of these for the rebels is probably the best thing to do for them ATM if one was planning on building a pure Rebel fleet with no Imperials.
The raider seems to be more appealing for it’s speed as an objective grabber, while the MC 30’s have impressive firepower (especially when paired with Admiral Ackbar) who gives them 2 extra red dice on their side arcs.

Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
For X-wing...the "it's only $15" is kinda a potential thing that you gotta worry about.
What do you mean? Are you saying it’s easy to keep adding ships and therefore rack up the cost of your total investment? If so I can totally see what you mean. I think that while the start up cost favors X-wing, in the end (because you'll keep adding new ships) the cost will probably pretty similar between the two.

Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
Nice, thanks for the link!

@ ntaw:

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
They're more expensive than you might think for an OK one. I'd just get an app on a tablet/smart phone and see if that could do before spending my money getting people to play faster.
Great idea on the app. Although physically being able to hit the timer putting your opponent on the clock would be fun.

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
Some of my favourite lists are weird balances of the three tiers and some completely ignore them. Probably my most effective one is the YV-666 (Jouster with bonus 180 degree arc) and two Twin Laser Turret Y-Wings (very consistent but slow damage in a 360 degree arc). I don't know how well it would hold up in a tournament, but it's beaten some netlists flown by competent players so far.
It seems like this is a real strength for X-wing. It’s having been out longer makes the sheer number of combinations you can field/face much greater than Armada. Although I imagine Armada will catch up some with each new wave they release.

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
I also really like running full on arc dodger lists, though those only work out well when I'm having good flying days.
”Good flying days?” You mean when all the dice roll your way?

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
I know cost is a big thing for any hobby, but you've gotta enjoy what you spend your money on. If Armada is what you're into and there's no precedent in the group, get that and start with it. If the group takes to it but wants to skirmish as well then they can pick up some X-Wing stuff. You can always borrow their ships just like they will borrow yours for games at the beginning and if you like it go from there.
Yes, so true. I’ve been talking with my good friend who’s been thinking about starting a squadron or fleet for one of these game systems, and we’re in agreement, both games have considerable appeal. I do think either would (forgive my pun) take off with the rest of our friends.

For grins and giggles I did some price comparisons, and while this doesn’t reflect having shopped around to find the best price, it does represent the average price range for most things. I know the starting buy in cost for each starter set favors X-wing considerably, but was wondering if after filling out your squadrons/fleets if the cost would be comparable.

First up, the basic costs…

$30.00 - 35.00 … For the X-wing starter box (includes an X-wing, 2 Ties, dice, etc.)

$10.00 - 15.00 … For single ships like other X-wings, Y-wings, or Ties, etc.

$20.00 - 30.00 … For medium sized ships like the Millennium Falcon or Slave 1

$25.00 – 40.00 … For multiple ship expansion packs

65.00 - 70.00 … For the really large ships like the Corellian Corvette or Imperial Raider

$65.00 - 70.00 … For the Armada core set (includes a Victory Class SD, several Tie squadrons, a Nebulon B Assault Frigate, a Corellian Corvette, several X-wing squadrons, dice, etc .)

$10.00 - 15.00 … For a single small to medium sized ship like the Rebel Nebulon B Frigate, MC30 Frigate, Corellian Corvette, or Imperial Raider, etc.

$15.00 –ish … For a fighter squadron (imperial or rebel), or the Rogues & Villains expansion pack

$20.00 - 30.00 … For a single large ship like the Imperial Gladiator or Victory class SD, or the Rebel Assault Frigate Mk. 2, or a Mon Calamari “Home One” Star Cruiser (MC80)

$30.00 - $35.00 … For an Imperial Class Star Destroyer

Next up, building a solid starting squadrons/fleets for each system…

Starter box ($32.50) + the Falcon & Slave 1 ($50.00) + 4 smaller ships (2 for each side = $50.00).

Total cost? $132.50

This would give you what you needed to play the game + two sizable forces per side. You’d have an X-wing, the Millennium Falcon, + 2 other small fighter sized ships for the Rebels, and 2 Tie fighters, Slave 1, + 2 other small fighter sized ships for the Empire. *As an alternative, you could also swap out the medium ships (the Falcon & Slave 1) for two smaller ships each and end up having a total of 5-6 small ships for each side. Most games I’ve seen played online were with opposing squadrons about this size.

Core box ($67.50) + a larger ship for each side ($50.00) and a small ship for each side ($25.00).

Total cost? $142.50

This would give you what you needed to play the game + two sizable forces per side. You’d have a Rebel Assault frigate Mk. 2, a Nebulon B Assault Frigate, a Corellian Corvette, a MC30 Frigate, and several squadrons of X-wings for the Rebels, and a Victory Class Star Destroyer, a Gladiator Class Star Destroyer, an Imperial Raider, and several squadrons of Tie Fighters for the Empire. Again online, this seemed to be about the size of most battles I watched…

In the end, the cost is approximately $132.50 -vs- $142.50. So while the cost for the initial box set favors X-wing, I think the final costs for either game will end up being pretty comparable.

I should add that I wasn’t going for competitive lists, but more putting together an average sized starting squadron or fleet to get an overall idea of cost.


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