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after many attempts at getting a colour scheme i like, i finally have a technique i am happy with

so to take a break from painting the same guardian over and over again i decided to paint one of the tanks i have

not gonna lie this has taken me a really really really reaaaally long time to get it to this state
i will post which paints i used but i am not near them atm

so started with the main shell selecting which which areas i wanted to shade in

after that i did the driver but i didnt know how the window attached so i had to ask

added little details such as details to the pilots hud

you wont see this to much but i thought it would be good

and here he is in his place

Doesn't he look Happy

Moving onto painting gunner and turret

gave this guy a targeting screen to look at

and sat him in his turret which was painted the same as the main hull

you can see where this is going just continued doing it piece by piece next was the prism then the underside and engines

thats all i got so far need to do the antenna and the nose gun.

once ive done that i will most likely go back and redo all the poor pieces on it that need work

like i said ill post what Paint i used for what so you can do a better job than i did

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