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Default A Burn, A Boom, And A Bang.

Domnious touch his chest, feeling the silver chain and locket beneath his pitiful flak vest, the only true protection he had was a memory, no amount of praise to some unknown emperor on some planet so far away as to be myth could offer him anything that the memory of his love could do and do far better. As Religious as Dom ever got was fantasizing about his wife dressed as a Sorotitas, a bit of sacrilege to indulge his palpable loneliness. However such fancies where not on his mind at the moment as he held his weighty weapon, cocked and ready to deliver high caliber death. However it would be useless for him to remain near the gate, he needed to feed the beasts on the other side of that wall some painful lead.

He saw that some had headed into the building in the base, but there would be no safety there if the others and Dom did not act to defend themselves, regardless of the thick atmosphere of fear that had washed over them all, even Krassus as hardened as he was could not suppress the anxiety the situation brought, the only thing to do was channel that fear into the drive to fight, and so he followed another group to the top of the walls, a smart move if they were to make use of this fortified position while the gate remained secure, for the moment.

He made his way up seeing the others already giving the xenos return fire of their las carbines, the flashed of light lighting up their horrified faces. He got into cover and slowly peeked over the parapet of the wall to see what he faced, a frothing mass of green skin and patchy armor, wielding sharpen slabs of metal that might have been ripped from a tank for all he knew. They were terrifying, with massive body proportions covered in steely corded muscles, if they got in they were sure to be torn apart, their was no way a knife would ever take one of them down. "They are fuggin, big aren't they...," He Observed as he ducked back down, bullets peppering haphazardly in the general area where his head had been, "...And it seems they are bad shots."

With that much fire though and their numbers, I guess it didn't matter how bad their shots were if they could put out that much fire. He needed to do something though, he could afford to sit there and be passive, he had not started this night passive and he certainly wouldn't end it passively. He hefted his gun again, thought briefly of Serah's Silver hair, and lifted his gun and set it on its tripod and pointed the barrel down and let loose with a long burst into the frothing group orks. He guided the stream of bullets through the orks, trying to bring it to bare on the big one. AS he did so a slew of high velocity rounds hit one of the smaller ones, though small is a relative term, and finally hit the big one.

"Got the Bastards!" He said to himself as he ducked back down before he could get a round planted in him, though he felt some come too close for comfort. He Peeked back over the edge, hoping to see some dead orks, but much to his dismay he hadn't killed any, how they still stood after that was beyond him. "What in the blasted mines are we fighting?! How do they expect us to do anything that can take a heavy stubber and live?" He said exasperated and worried at the worsening predicament, especially since none of his comrades had even managed a hit yet.

It got suddenly warmer however as one of the blasted beasts had a flamer of some sort, and was planning on cooking the defenders of the wall, one of the bastards on the wall even got caught by the flame. However there wasn't much time to think on the development as a lucky shot from one of the chaps burst the fuel tank on the Xeno's back, which turned out to be very unlucky in the grand scheme of things as the gate they had fought to seal was blown apart by the massive fireball the ork had become. It seemed they were to be like deep miners that knew a collapse was coming, it was over for them, especially when the big one yelled at the others, "Doors open boyz, 'ave at 'em!"

The explosion had knocked some of defends of the wall, but Dom managed to stay up there if only by luck. He knew the courtyard would be filled soon with the green monsters and he needed to bring lay down fire now to support his squad mates before they were all torn to pieces. He got to the edge of the wall and aimed down into the charging xeno and opened fire trying his best to focus on the targets before they could get to the men, he knew he would have to fill these things with lead to put them down. "Just Die already you green blighters!" He shouted as his stubber blasted at them.

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