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Originally Posted by Uber Ork View Post
You've definitely been doing that, and I really appreciate it. Thank you!
No problem pal! I think it was the MK reference that got me. I got that KMFDM theme song from the movies stuck in my head and it was go time

Originally Posted by Uber Ork View Post
You've got the one type of player who's ready to go and moves quickly, and then you've got the type of player who takes forever to make their move/take their turn.
In every game really. I used to play a lot of timed chess matches so I got used to decision making on a clock, not everyone has had that experience or wants to play so fast paced.

Originally Posted by Uber Ork View Post
How does squad building affect movement to make it so difficult?
Different ships fly very differently from one another; there's three basic tiers to ships in X-Wing.

1. Jouster - These ships tend to play in groups/swarms and want to mass shooting against an enemy to get things done. In some instances this can mean belligerently flying 7 TIE Fighters straight at the Millennium Falcon and stripping hulls as you slow move to Range 3 then get up at Range 1 (unless you're a master flyer and get all three ranges on a joust).

2. Turret - The name says it all really: 360 degree firing arc. It can shoot you all the time and doesn't much care if you're in its firing arc (the V on the front of the ship base) unless it's got sweet ordnance. This can be one of the hardest type of ships to down because there's no safe way to approach them without being fired at unless you're flying to mess with target priority/have Autothrusters on one or more of your ships.

As a bonus, there's several ships that have auxiliary arcs like the Firespray and Ghost. These ships aren't specifically 'turret' ships but can still unleash a nasty can of worms if you try to get behind them and chase them down.

3. Arc Dodger - This is where I typically draw my definition of a fighter Ace from. Ships that have boost and barrel roll actions and sweet dials, typically involving a 90 degree 1-speed turn and a host of green maneuvers to clear stress, fall into this category. These are the kind of ships that totally ruin the day of non-turret ships.


Jousters beat out Turrets (massed firepower)
Turrets beat out Arc Dodgers (how can you dodge a 360 arc)
Arc Dodgers beat out Jousters (formation flying can be very easy to predict and sidestep)

Though there's always exceptionally good or bad flying that balances everything out. Regardless and back to my point, these three types of ships want to do very different types of movements and you don't typically get good at them all at once. Plus the best lists have a balance of these three things in them as far as I'm concerned. Lists that go too hard in one category tend to get swept by the category that beats them.

Originally Posted by Uber Ork View Post
However, I do get what you're saying about the "ace" feel in X-wing.
I get where you're coming from with Ace pilots still existing in Armada but you totally get where I'm coming from with wanting to manually control said aces.

If we were apologizing profusely to each other this would be what's called a Canadian Standoff

Originally Posted by Uber Ork View Post
I was referring to the nostalgic feeling I get when seeing Star Destroyers on the big screen or on the table top.
My girlfriend (spouse would be more appropriate at this point I think) really wanted to get into Armada because she wanted a friggin' Star Destroyer. When I got her the Raider for her Birthday last year every mention of Armada stopped

Originally Posted by Uber Ork View Post
Having to transport/safely store even one large X-wing ship (much less several) looks like it would be a bummer/costly.
Oh man, nowhere near as bad as you think. Not only could you just leave them in their plastic packaging with an elastic band around to keep it shut and toss 'em in a bag (cheapzilla) but tackle boxes are clutch for this. I went the Battlefoam route and am happy with that but you don't need to spend much money on it.

Originally Posted by Uber Ork View Post
In the end I was wondering if the total cost was about the same, even if the start up cost wasn't.
Ah, to be sure I have spent at least as much on my X-Wing collection as I have on any 40k army and I don't have many multiples. We are the variable in this query.

Originally Posted by Rush Darling View Post
maybe get a nice big canvas print of a star destroyer for the wall of your man cave?
Not nerdy enough. Let's get a scale model to hang above the table, and we can play at night and pretend the moon is the Death Star!

.....I'm only kind of joking.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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