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Originally Posted by DelvarusThePitFighter View Post
Really hating Night Haunter in this - just looks way off with the colours - kinda 'plasticy' looking. I strongly feel with with regret that Neil Roberts' more recent work has been of a lower standard if I'm honest - this may be because he's just 'got lazy' or is being stacked with more commissions than he can handle in order to produce his better work. This and some of the newer covers by him have been disappointingly poor in comparison to much of his work in the past I'm sad to say. He's one of my favourite and most admired front cover artists ever, so seeing his work lose a certain emotional quality to them is saddening. His pieces also lack a certain sense of gripping intensity, scale and movement - they look sort of 'wooden' and (in comparison) forgettable.
Couldn't agree more. I know he can deliver fantasctic cover-art that truly depicts that something is alive and real. This looks way too cartoonish, something that is a recurring problem with their frontcovers.
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