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Thanks for the write-up, always good to see people adding Tactics articles!

I'm intrigued by the Ruststalkers killing a squad of Assault Terminators; what always turned me off on Ruststalkers is that with Str5/6 depending on loadout and AP5 (or AP-, whatever Transonic weapons are on the first round), they're not very good at killing their supposed ideal targets until the second round of combat. It's a super cool bit of fluff and a fresh mechanic, but unfortunately their ideal targets are usually pretty deadly with Str6+ attacks; how did you find they fared against that kind of thing? To me they seemed like they'd be good at killing Tacticals or Immortals or a Tervigon; tough supporting/ranged units that don't have the melee punch needed to break through W2 FnP. Their mobility with Dunestrider helps in that regard, easily able to reach vulnerable support units that are hiding just behind the front line/away from the main bulk of the fighting. I'm pleased to hear they can do work against dedicated melee units too though!

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