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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
That means they work as a unit which is lame and completely defeats the purpose I would have in mind for the models should I come across someone looking to use them in games.

...like hell I'm buying something that has an Imperial fucking Fist with a frag cannon.

It's not about having a full sized army, it's more about themed game play among those nostalgic enough to remember the WD rules/missions for the Last Chancers.
...so why do you need GW's permission to run them as seperate guys? You can use Squad Donatus in a game of Kill Team, I'm pretty sure.

I don't really understand your mindset (I'm not condemning it, just saying that I don't understand it). You're not looking to play them the way GW has stated you can play them (i.e. in a big squad as a formation in a bigger game of 40k), but you don't want to play with them unless it's in a GW-stated way. It sounds, to my ears, like you want to play the game with weird variant rules and alternative scenarios but not unless GW tells you to.

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