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Originally Posted by Tyriks View Post
If you want people to understand what you are writing, try actually using punctuation and proper grammar. Especially
yeah, "especially"[.]


Cooperation is valuable to humanity as a race, yes. That has literally no bearing whatsoever on this discussion.
y? u r not human?

Competitive play and casual play do not need each other. Some people enjoy only one of them, and they will keep enjoying it if the other stops. Sure, people that like both would be sad, but it wouldn't prevent them from still playing the game.
y play a game that makes u sad?

In fact, if Games Workshop wasn't catering to different crowds, a lot of people might even like the game more. Neither competitive play nor casual play is more valid or necessary. Your opinion that the two need to cooperate is irrelevant.

Look, brainchild, this has everything to do with the current discussion.
There is only one crowd.
You choose to see things otherwise, as is typical, but this bigotry is post hoc.

"Why bother" is a question that arises in a certain context.
Note how the recent comments have advised that the player collect for a more powerful force as written in the rules.
And yet, one commenter has suggested rather that he wants to collect a less powerful perhaps allied detachment per the rules because this is fun, like the Last Chancers with some role-play built in.
So, from this perspective, collecting Deathwatch is very worthwhile.
From a "competitive" card-game point of view, it is senseless, because everyone knows that collections are justified when they result in hyper-powered raw stacked decks.
Well, sometimes, especially maybe after 30,000 years of war, people are not able to stack their decks anymore. The universe is not full of super-killy raw idiocy. Rather, one must use what one has, e.g. Last Chancer style.

In my opinion, this box is one of the coolest things I have seen from GW in a very long time,
including the 30k box.
But, of course, I am discouraged from buying it because I don't want to show up for a game with some card player who is looking for practice with his deathstar and have the poor bean counter be disappointed to play against a list that 'no one wants to play against'.
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