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Armada plays a lot similar to 40k (grand battle RTS) - usually takes about 2 hours to play a game (maybe 1.5 if you have your shit together before starting)

generally utilizes capital ships vs squadrons.

General Start up funds - ballpark $200-250 (not counting additional items such as storage)



plays more akin to a necromunda or other RPGs I would say.

game play is usually lasts an hour or so I'd say - @ntaw am I right, it's been a few months since I've played, the group has been playing a lot of Armada lately

Start up funds - Ballpark around $75-100 to get a good start


Hope that helps you a bit @Uber Ork , I like both systems - probably like X-wing more since it is more "pick up and go" friendly to go to the FLGS for me. Armada is nice to play with friends prearranged for me since I'm not very competitive for that game system (which currently I feel has a lot more of a competitive list show up in a pickup game)

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