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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
Hmmm. I reckon Silent War is gonna be an anthology of the Garro stuff.
From what i've read it's actually an anthology of new Silent War stuff, so stories about Malcador, Severian, the Knights Errant and perhaps even the other characters the silent war arc has introduced, like Nagasena or Khalid Hassan, maybe even Amendara Kendal.

What we know;

Eye of Terra: Nothing concrete, but the cover suggests this will be a Great Crusade-era antholgy, given that it depicts the Big E and Horus fighting the Orks at Ullanor.

The Path of Heaven: Return to the White Scars, the Legion makes its way towards Terra to join the Legions stationed there.

The Silent War: See above.

Angels of Caliban: Apparantly this will explain exactly why the Lion wasn't around in Pharos, and why he refuses to answer questions about what he's been doing in Imperium Secundus since he arrived. Confirmed characters include Astelan, Belath, Zahariel, Luther, the Lion, and Lord Cypher. Also the Dreadwing will appear for the first time.


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