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Here's my character for your reviewing pleasure. Let me know what, if any, changes you'd like me to make

Name: Maria Linetti

Age: 18

Appearance: Maria’s ash blonde hair is thin, unkempt and about twelve inches in length. Her ears are folded back close to her skull, likely due to the half-face mask she almost perpetually wears. Her predatory eyes are a deep blue, such that in certain lights they can appear violet or occasionally black. Her nose is short, but angular. Her skin is the colour of porcelain, partly due to the lack of light, natural or otherwise, in The Edge and partly due to her breeding. Her teeth have only a slight yellow tinge to them. Her lips are a natural pink colour, but almost as if the colour was painted on years ago and has since faded.

Although older than many of the freshly blooded gang members, Maria is surprisingly unmarked. She bears a few recent scars and burn marks, most notable a gouge in her upper right arm where a bullet nicked her and a burn on her left thigh where flecks of leather are fused with the scar tissue. However, she bears two marks considerably older than these. One a clockwise spiral birthmark just above her hip on her left side. Secondly, at the base of her neck (which she is sure to always keep covered publicly) is a brand none in The Edge recognise. It is a vertical line with a semi-circle 2/3rds of the way down with the circular face pointing downward, a smaller semi-circle 1/3rd of the way down with the circular face points upward and half way down the line is an oval which, with the line passing through its centre, resembles an eye. It marks her as property of The Moon Coven, a prostitution ring which was influential in a level of the Lower Hive until a number of years ago.

Personality: Maria is a hunter by nature. This is more of a product of her environment than a trait she was born with. However, whatever kind of woman she might have been is unknown and all that is left is the woman she’s been forced to become. She is harsh and readily confrontational. Even towards friends, you get the impression that she is sizing up and evaluating you as if wondering, if it came to it, how she could defeat or escape you. Her humour is a harsh and scathing kind, preferring to pick at peoples faults or failings to humour everyone but the victim. She is, however, accomplished at veiling these aspects of personality and becoming instantly amicable, warm and kind. This is nothing more than a façade and a skill she was forced to acquire which she also despises to employ, even as she recognises its uses. Although she would never admit it, she would like to leave the life of politics and death behind. She knows it doesn’t exist, but she dreams of a life free of such risks and paranoia, where she can be at ease without fear of harm. Failing the ability to fulfil such an ambition she’s determined to defy death for as long as possible.

Background: There is a truth that certain commodities are never in short supply or short demand. Helvix Prime is a testament to that. Even within Helvix Prime one thing that is never short of demand is sex. Various strata’s of the Hive have notable pushers of this particular produce. The Edge has the Smile-girls and higher in the Hive there are numerous courtesan houses that serve the nobility. At the time of Maria’s birth, a group that offered their particular brand of produce in a level of the Lower Hive was The Moon Coven. Maria was born, daughter of a whore and an unknown father, into servanthood to his coven.

The early years of her life actually focused little on the art of sex. The few women who had managed to outlast their usefulness as objects but survived served as wet-nurses and taught the young children in their care. The air of sophistication was a high valued commodity in the Lower Hive, for customers wanting to escape the truth of their surroundings or enact revenge on those higher-born than them, and as such Maria was feed on a diet engineered to let her appear high-born. She was also trained in several sports, particularly those focusing on gymnastic ability, a couple of high-brow social activities, such as regicide, and even taught some High Gothic. However, at this point the main thing she remembers is a single phrase from the scriptures; “Ab Imperator viribus sustinebo” meaning “By the Emperor’s strength, I endure”, as well as a few odd words. By the time she was approaching her teenage years, she could have passed for the daughter of an administrator.

However, as was expected, the comfort and security had been little more than preparation for the services she was expected to perform. Although tragically brutal, such brutality harshness would serve her well when she later came to The Edge. As she transitioned to her middle teenage years, she became embroiled in a plot amongst the slaves to the masters of The Moon Coven, both male and female, to escape and find a life not in bondage to another’s will. At the same time, The Moon Coven was in ascendency and its high-quality merchandise was attracting the favour of increasingly powerful members of the Lower Hive. This ascendency would prove to provide the opportunity the hopeful slaves were waiting for.

To celebrate and hopefully court more influential clientele, The Moon Coven held a grand orgy. Pretty much every whore and gigolo that the coven had was presented. Many of the coven’s most loyal customers were invited. Also in attendance were several administrators, officers of the law and even clerics. The Moon Coven had spared no expense in their desire to capitalise on their recent wave of success.

The evening started and everything appeared to be going well. The ante continued to build to a tempo approaching hysteria and it was then that the branded slaves of the coven struck. Weapons stolen throughout the night and those stockpiled for months before were turned on the patrons and masters alike. The first few deaths went almost unnoticed, such was the fever pitch the orgy had already obtained but when they were noticed, panic quickly took hold. Some tried to fight-back and the bloody toll rose higher and higher. Many fled and Maria, along with many of her bond-brothers and sisters, fled in the chaos and scattered to the four winds.

In the wake of the massacre the Adeptus Arbites game down like a hammer. Many of their number had been there of their own accord but, in an effort to preserve the faux-integrity of their institution, the Arbites resigned to hunt down every remaining member of the coven. The Moon Coven and everyone who did or had ever worked with or for them were hunted down. As for Maria, and many of the escapees like her, they simple ran as far and asd fast as they could.

For several months she ran within her level of the Lower Hive, hoping that if she simply hid for long enough that the Arbites would leave her alone. However the Arbites never forgive and they never forget, especially after she was forced kill one of them that got too close to revealing her. Some of her old bond-mates had found work in other prostitution rings and a few others had tried to escape into the higher levels and use their knowledge to blend in up there. Maria would not go back into a life of slavery and she did not believe there was any hope higher up. So, to escape the gaze of the Arbites there was only one direction she could run; down.

Thus, at the age of 17, Maria came to be at The Edge. She was somewhere the Arbites would not pursue her but that did not mean she was safe. She quickly realised that, whilst it did not guarantee safety, she was better off being part of a gang than on her own. As such she quickly joined the Fangdogs but no other merit than because they were the first to accept her. Her ingrained skills as a charmer made her an effective pusher of drugs. Having said that, she has never used them. Frankly, she has had enough experiences with all manner of drug cocktails in her blood-stream to last her a life time and she has no desire to experience it again.

Equipment: Maria deliberately keeps as much of herself covered as she can. The numerous layers also allow several hiding places for drugs and weapons. Additionally, Cloth is hard to come by in The Edge, but Maria has a small piece that she wears as a mask to cover her lower face (from her neck up to over her nose but she can pull it down to cover just her neck). Originally it must have been a pale colour, but years of wearing and contact with pollutants have stained it the colour of smog. She wears a worn triangular leather hat, similar in looks to a colonial hat.

Looking further down, Maria wears a long leather trench coat. Underneath that she wears a tight leather waistcoat, underneath which she wears a thin shirt. Rather than what you might expect, the stiffness of the leather serves to bind her chest and decrease any undue attention she might draw. This combined with the coat she wears serve to render Maria almost androgynous at a glance, which is how she likes it. Her trousers are unremarkable and she wears knee-high flat-soled leather shoes which are padded to enable her to run for longer than you would think in such shoes. She wears thin cloves and leather bracers on her forearms.

Weapons: Maria carries many weapons at any given time. At her waist she openly carries a skinning knife, but she also has a relatively hidden stolen stub pistol. The ammunition for the stub pistol is all but spent and hard to come by. For that reason it’s a weapon she rarely employs and serves mostly as a last resort weapon. At last count she has 5 bullets left in it. The pistol itself sits in a leather holster around the back of her waist, most of the time obscured by her coat and the holster strap that runs round the front of her looks like a belt, but a trained eye would notice its presence. Looking at the pistol out of its holster one would find a heavily worn and filed down weapon, which looks like it might have been once adorned but such insignia has been deliberately, if crudely, erased. This is because it a pistol looted from an Adeptus Arbites corpse and to show such a trophy so openly would surely bring more trouble than the protection it provided was worth. Despite the crudeness with which it was disfigured, its origin would not be immediately obvious, even to a passing Arbite. However, Maria doesn’t know enough about weapon maintenance to have managed to get at the serial number etched inside the barrel and get rid of it without ruining the gun. Additionally, a detailed analysis of its interior components would also quickly reveal whom its original owner might have been.

Her concealed weapons are numerous and sit in sheathes incorporated into her attire. Two thin metal rods slide into her bracers. They are sharpened and slightly serrated. She can tease them by stroking just past her palm so that even if her hands are bound she can get access to them. Two similar rods sit in the outside of her shoes. She carries two small push daggers which slide into the back of her waistcoat. One sits just between her shoulder blades and the other sits at her at her lower back. None of them are particularly durable, but they are sharp enough to cut through flesh and hide, either as a weapon or a means of escape. These weapons are designed to be easy to access and easy to hide so she never has to be unarmed.

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