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I'm currently basing my Salamanders around the 3rd Company (mainly because of the Salamanders books), though most of the current army build is actually around the 1st Company (I'm building a terminator force assaulting a Space Hulk, using Space Hulk Terminators). It will look cool when done!

The next portion of the army will be exclusively 3rd Company - as they help Vulkan recover one of the Primarch's artifacts - specifically the Engine of Woes - a custom Fellblade that I'm going to kit bash.

My favorite game by far is 40k, but it gets a little intense for me. I had some serious health issues several years ago that have left lingering effects, and it's hard to concentrate for a full game (too many models). Thus, I play the smaller games when I want to roll dice but don't have the mental acuity to handle all the models. Warmachine is probably my second favorite.

As to previous armies, I've played:
- The Grapes of Wrath - original army (purple/white) - custom Space Marines
- Stormbringers - first fully painted army (bone/green) - based on Dark Angels/Deathwing
- Corgath 255th (the River Pirates) - Catachan IG army, painted blue/white
- Thousand Sons - my only tournament victory army
- Grey Knights - first iteration
- Necrons (bronze/green) - as many Destroyers as I could fit!
- Sons of Medusa - ended up losing 1200 points of this army (fully painted) in a fire
- Havenican 192nd - custom IG for my gaming club
- Hive Fleet Gorgon - custom Tyranids, based around them assimilating an Ork Waagh!
- Khorne Berserkers - Berserkers and Defilers (modeled as scorpions)
- Grey Knights - second iteration - this time fully painted
- Space Wolves
- Eldar Aspect Warriors
- Tau - a transport/skimmer heavy, mobile list. Only 3 Crisis suit (the HQ and bodyguard)
- Chaos Daemons - all four gods represented in multiple units
- Thousand Sons (again) - professionally painted to a beautiful standard! This army I was sad to see go, but it ended up paying for a lot of my medical bills when I got sick.
- Da Good Ole Boyz - Orks built around Big Meks, Killa Kans, and Deff Dreads. All vehicles are scratch-built and most of the Boyz are customized AoBR. Still have it because I don't want to get rid of it, but it's not painted.
- Ultramarines - was working on this army when I got sick, had to sell it. What was finished was really well painted (best I've done), with two Rhinos w/ opening doors and LED lights.
- Black Dragons (loved the idea of the bony protrusions)
- Monks of Terra - another custom Space Marine chapter, blue armor/yellow cloth - models were all the robed Dark Angels models.
- Dragon Knights - orange/blue based on Salamanders, I custom cast front panels/doors for Rhinos, shoulder pads for Marines. Had two squads (Marines + Rhino) done before decided it was going to be too much work.
- Eldar Wraiths - started just before the codex came out (and the plastic Wraithguard). Magnetized Wraithlords and Wraithknights
- Dark Eldar - skimmer heavy with two planes - couldn't handle painting the small miniatures
- Blood Angels - almost completely a jump troop army, sold it when assault marines stopped being troops.
- Knights Panther- white/purple Space Marines based on Salamanders
- Salamanders (Space Hulk) - what's currently being done
- Imperial Knights - currently all still in the box, was going to build it, but got distracted by Salamanders I plan on magnetizing and lighting (with LEDs) all five knights eventually.

Somewhere in there I also had a Sisters of Battle army I was making for my wife. At some point, I've played every army in 40k (except the new Skitarii/AdMech), but keep coming back to Space Marines.
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