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Default Army help

Hello everyone I am having trouble deciding what army to do now.
So far I have 30k emperors children and 30k/40k iron hands.

I alright now trying to decide between for 40k either space wolves or deathwing .. Or tyranids or necrons .

I want an army that has good heavy weapons , good survivability. That can take on chaos space marines , tyranids and tau as those are the armies I play against the most and everyone in a while orks.
I love the big creatures of tyranids and I love the terminators and dreadnoughts ,

I love the idea of taking all terminators in deathwing and taking slot of terminators and dreads in the champions of Fenris .. Don't know much about tyranids or necrons other than my girlfriend plays tyranids and I get my ass handed to me by them..

Would love advice on all the armies and what one would be best for me and what would be a good unit to start with. I have around 400 to spend on a new army and I am looking for between 2000 and 4000 points
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