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Default The Edge

In the shadowed past, when humanity had only barely grasp the technology to shake the hallowed dust of Holy Terra from its collective boots, an ancient Mercan king spoke of humanity's right to the stars.

While the words themselves have been lost to history's faded memory, the Truth has echoed through humanity's every action across time.

Humanity's destiny has always been to rule the stars.

It is the 41st millennium and you have never seen the stars.


Helvix Prime, fifth world in the Helvixar System, much of its vast surface covered with an inhospitable desert-like expanse ruled by radiation storms and deadly wildlife that is known simply as the Expanse. Two other worlds of note hang in the void around the star Hel, claimed in the name of the Imperium of Mankind: Helvix Prime’s sister world the lush agi-world of Helvin Secundus, and the Mining world of Darr (DR-Sigma-46). The former which primarily exports stock of Grox, stag-horn, and Demi-pack to Helvix Prime for processing into meat products, bone, and leatherwork to feed the vast needs of the Imperium's wars, and the latter a mechanicus claimed rock of ice and rare metals barely clinging to its orbit at the edge of the star's gravitational grip.

A single massive hive city, Elysium, holds grip over Helvix Prime's population of 8.5 billion on the super continent of Styix, all of which lives crammed in the claw-like towers and maze of corroded steel that serve as their existence and salvation to a world that hates them. The hive's massive spires scrap the edge of the world's harsh atmosphere, clinging to life at the rage of the Expanse’s hungry winds. The hive is reigned over by a king-like Governor, who ensures with an iron rule that that its output of product rivals that of entire segmentums. The streets of the hive are stained by the billions of litters of vital fluids that have spilled from the veins of the multitude of beasts processed in this city over the centuries, and the very air holds the hot copper taste of blood.

The hive's nobility live a life of pampered luxury in their crystal-glass spires, surrounded by hordes of serving staff and personal guard forces. Extravagant tribute to the Ecclesiarch ensure their continued place in the society as these princelings of stock casually barter and bid for the shipping rights to worlds worth of foodstuffs, bone, and leather products for the ever-hungry guard forces besieged by the Arch Enemy around the Imperium.

Down in the dark bowels of the hive's forgotten reaches, walking the blade's edge of survival in the lawless reaches of the underhive, are the territories claimed by the merciless gangs. Sublevel 142, known by those who call it home simply as the Edge, clings to the vestiges of humanity by the finest of threads. All who live in the stale dark hold secrets they would rather forget but, unknown to the masses, Elysium itself holds an even greater secret in the forgotten past of these depths. Whispers that echo in the dark and unforgiving shadows. Whispers that have fallen upon unguarded ears.

In the eternal bloodshed of the streets, one gang rises to the top of its local pecking order. The youngest members of the Fangdogs, a gang taking its namesake from a sleek local underhive predator- a cunning, canine-like pack creature the approximate size and shape of the racing hounds of old Terra with a coat of iridescent black-purple scales, that the gang notoriously hunts for its venom celebrate their victory against their local rivals with rot-gut and smile-girls. Some are borne into the gang, others hiding from their family's past, and others unknown of their true origins revel in their newly found notoriety at the local slumbar- the Emperor's Mercy. However, Fate being a merciless and fickle Lady, has far more planned for these freshly blooded members of this lightless fiefdom than even they could ever dream. For it is here, in the mazelike streets of the Edge, that the most unlikely legends are borne…



-No god-modding. You will find me very unkind if this happens.
-As GM my word is final, I ask you respect that.
-Eight sentences minimum post per action thread update.
-If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
-Life has a habit of catching us all by surprise; if you find yourself unable to post for a while or are losing interest in your character let me know. Just disappearing will not go well for you if you ever show back up. You know the saying about a woman scorned…
-As long as your posts are to the minimum standard (8 full sentences) feel free to post as many times as you want between updates. However, keep in mind the first rule if you feel the urge to expand beyond the bounds of an update.


Accepted members of the Fangdogs:

Deus Mortis: Maria Linetti
Scathiann: Bozjen Kyrre


Character Sheet:

There are no ‘reserve’ spots in this story, I am looking for a minimum of 6 players (~10 max), but that is subject to change. Do not worry if someone posts up #6 before you.

Name: (You don’t get to give your character a nickname, that gets earned through roleplaying)

Age: (range from 13 to 18)

Appearance: (What do you look like physically? Remember where you are…)

Personality: (What is your character like? Do they enjoy this life in the darkness or do they have dreams of something beyond?)

Background: (Why are you here on the Edge and why are you a member of the gang? Were you borne here in the dark of the lost and the damned or is your family running from a past that was so bad it drove them to hide in the very bowels of the hive? Did you work in the processing factoriums at one time in the past and found yourself unable to stand it? Remember, Helvix Prime is a processing world, breaking down the carcasses of beasts into both foodstuff and leather products- do you have any skills that could have come from working in the lower factories that are useful to the gang? Your gang’s calling is drugs- do you do the drugs you sell, or are you only a pusher? Understand that addiction comes with side effects.)

Equipment: (What do you wear/carry as a gang member? Leather is, as you can imagine, fairly easy to obtain in the hive. Cloth not so much, and semi-clean cloth is nearly impossible unless you are noble- which none of you are. Lamp packs are not uncommon down in the depths, but they are of low quality. Think of what you would need to survive on the streets.)

Weapons: (You are young gangers- Shivs, skinning knives, cleavers, and short knives of pretty much any fashion are commonplace- although none of them are of any quality. Cattle prods and other shock style control rods are common, but also require batteries. Solid slug guns are uncommon only out of the fact that it is nearly impossible to get ammo down here. Las of any sort is only wielded by the higher ranks in the Fangdogs.)

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