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Elias and Tobias; Hauling Jacques into the outpost proper, the first thing you notice is the lack of personnel, either patrolling the outer wall or behind them. You don't dwell on that though, having to contend with keeping an eye and ear open for dangers. Moving towards the main building, you kick open the locked door and sweep in, again finding no one but having to ignore this growing issue in lueu of saving a squadmates life.

Getting Jacques on a table, one of you works to remove his webbing and jump suit while the other searches for medicea supplies to stem the blood flow and maybe painkillers. Your search turns up little, gauze and heavy wrappings but nothing to outright stop the blood or ease Jacques pain.

Before either of you gets a chance to do much else, a group of people burst through the main door, weapons raised and shouting. One look at the entire lot of them and its clear that they are all scared, possibly beyond reason.

[As the group came in, you both grabbed weapons. Its clear that none of them are thinking clearly and looks like any of them could start shooting at the slightest perceived provocation. What do you try to do? The boom of an explosion will ultimately forestall any shooting as the windows blow out and everyone hits the ground.]

Liam and Thede; Clutching your carbines tightly, you and two others carefully approach the door of the main building, hearing someone or something curse from within the building. With a surge of courage, or anger, you burst through the door with guns raised. Inside you see two dark clad figures next to a table.

As you shout for them to back away and put their weapons down, you get a glimpse at something moving from behind them on the table. Is that a person? Are they responsible for no one being around?

[Willing to bet you can guess who it is you've found here.]

Robickai, Gallan, Krassus, and LaVeer; Taking to the walls, most of you fire wildly at the orks below. Your carbine las-blasts do more to the ground than the aliens, a slew of rounds from Dom's heavy stubber peppering one of the smaller orks and the bigger one but doing little more.

Return fire proves equally ineffective from the orks, until one of them sprays a wall of fire towards you, engulfing two troopers and catching Gallan's arm. All three fall from the wall, desperate to try extinguish the flames. LaVeer and others jump down to help while a lucky shot from Robickai hits a flamethrower canister, igniting the volitile liquid and turning the ork into a living bomb.

The resulting explosion blows open the gate in a shower of stone and armaplas, flooring anyone on the ground and leaving those left on the walls to protect everyone below while the big ork bellows to its fellows. "Doors open boyz, 'ave at 'em!"

[Where are you when the gate blows open? How do you recover? Can you extinguish the flames on Gallan before they spread from his arm?]

Theodoricus; Your throw flies true, the ork pilots head smashing into the nobs back, making the greenskin stumble forward a step. The beast looks back, beady eyes locking on your running form and a wicked grin spreads across the creatures face. Growling something at the orks around it, three charge towards you just before one of the other xenos, that one wielding a flamethrower, explodes from a lucky shot.

This, however, results in blowing open the gate that the humans had only minutes before managed to get closed. As the trio of orks get closer you hear the nob bellow out to the rest of its mob, "doors open boyz, 'ave at 'em!"

That is all you get to hear though, as your focus and rage shift to what is in front of you. Ducking the high swipe of a rusty cleaver, you barrel your shoulder into the ork holding the blade and throw it back before bringing your chainsword around to block the chop of an axe to your side. The roaring blades chew through crude metal and then flesh and bone, shearing the weapon at the haft along with a portion of the aliens fist. Before you can finish the thing off, the third ork slams a club into the back of your leg and forces you to backhand it with the butt of your pistol to regain some room.

[Ending these three will not occur without damage, but you will be able to dispatch them all. Hurry or the humans will be lost!]

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