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For but a moment, Zachariah stood where he was, doubting his next step. His shout had alarmed the few who had still been stumbling around dazed. Some of the others had started shooting at the oncoming enemy, unleashing the deafening clamour of heavier weaponry than Zach was carrying. Though had the lascarbine not been strapped securely to his body, he'd probably already lost it during the crash. Then someone hit him, and immedeately Zach decided that running would be the best course of action.An adrenaline-fuelled sprint ensued. Zach was glad he had already started exercising before training began. Back then, he had felt a sense of pride during his morning run. People looking admirably at him as he ran by. He himself greeting even strangers, as if he already had been a war-hero. At this moment however, he wasn't sure if the faces of those people had expressed admiration, or pity. It wasn't long before fatigue set in, and Zach was sucking in air through his face as if he wanted to have breathed the entire Prolial atmosphere before his death. However, each step brought him closer to the outpost, and closer to relative safety. This is what kept him going, fear of death being a powerful motivator.
Others ran past him, some with superhuman speed, he thought. Still, Zach made it into the outpost before the gate had closed. He was pale, and as soon as he noticed he had stopped running, his legs gave out beneath him. He toppled forward, and set there a while on his hands and knees. He didn't notice much of what was going on around him, as his vision was blurred, and sometimes the horrifying images of the things he had witnessed shot through his mind. He did not speak, for he felt that any attempt to do so would cause him to barf. To his amazement, he didn't, and was back on his feet relatively soon. Someone shouted that there was something in the main building. Had the outpost then already been overrun? He didn't notice any bodies lying around, or other signs of recent struggle (or I missed something). As others were already atop the walls, keeping the xenos from coming in, it would probably be safest to join the team going inside. Perhaps there were survivors, or perhaps he could already do a quick inventory of the place.
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