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Originally Posted by Squire View Post
I don't have anything original to add. I'd also like to see the orks be less comical and more just a savage, barbarian race. I can live with their technology fluff but maybe it would be better to depict them as effective at using and reverse engineering technology they don't fully understand rather than just willing things to work. I don't care too much either way though
As I mentioned before, the novel Sanctus Reach has a nifty deception of Ork tech working through a combination of advanced, innate technological know-how bred into the Mekboyz and the latent Ork psychic field (their "belief" in their technology).

It was interesting to see how the Mekboyz could innately know how to build a fusion generator, and in moments of clarity, subconsciously describe how their technology works...yet in the next breath describe the fusion generator as a "little sun".
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