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Originally Posted by morfangdakka View Post
I drive only blue cars because I like blue and they seem to last longer and give me less problems than other colored cars.
That's the essence of the Waaagh-Ork subconscious psychic field. They can't just blow up the galaxy by believing it, it's not a very strong psychic field. The Orks themselves aren't aware that they can do it, it manifests in their subconscious and helps them out a lot - a Mekboy knows instinctively how to put some bits of scrap and stuff together and make a gun or a tank, but his design only works because of the Waaagh-Ork. You can't actually weld pressure vessels with a flamethrower focussed to a point through a metal funnel, but Orks can because as far as they know, that's how a welder works. I don't think I've explained it very well, but the essence of it is that the Ork builds something shitty with poor materials and design, and the psychic field compensates for that by improving the vehicle psychically.

To be honest, I wouldn't go tinkering with 40k's setting. While a lot of the stories set within it are poor, either in concept or execution by BL, the setting itself is fucking brilliant and is a major part of why I play 40k and Fantasy over other game systems.

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