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I would love to see them get tid of the orks saying that "It works because they think it will." If that was the case orks would pick up sticks to blow up titans if they thought it was lucky or a gift from gork or mork. I hate that saying the most. Their fluff states that the meks are always tinkering with things. There would be no need to tinker if just thought it worked. "Red one go fasta" I don't have a problem with that who doesn't have a favorite color that they prefer over other colors. I drive only blue cars because I like blue and they seem to last longer and give me less problems than other colored cars.
I would love to see the sisters of battle restored to a full fledged army.

The one to get rid of actually there are two the Inquisition because I don't know anyone that plays them. The main one would be cult Mechanicus they are builders and gathers of data. They have the Skitarii for protection while they are out gathering data so not sure what the Mechanicus are as an army.

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