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Hmm thanks didn't know about the other character thing. Was thinking in terms of the current spacemarine book, having a captain and using him a form of beatstick. To be honest of the two ideas I liking the dual landraider list @ darkreever has with the pyroclast and drakes squad even though thats a lot more models.

Thanks to both of you. Definitely gives me some ideas.

Other thoight though, really liking the jdea of the flare sheilding on the spartan, -1 to strength is insane to anything combined with the heat sheilding (forgotten name anti melta and lance) that the spartan has stock. Really thinking that running it as 300 points base always is a good idea, melta can't hurt it at all, S9 only glances on a 6 only things with S10 can actually hurt it but need those "6" plus the 5 hullpoints.

Da Golden Waaagh!

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