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Betrayal at Calth, not battle.

At 1750 I would recommend a delagtus over a praetorians to be honest. You drop a wound and can't take the mantle but you'll otherwise save a boat load of points for other things.

I'd recommend:

Legion centurion
Delagtus, cataphractii armour, dragonscale shield, thunder hammer, artifice weapon

2x tactical squad
10 strong, vexilla, artifice armour, artifice weapon, power weapon, melt a bombs
245 (490)

Pyroclast squad
Artifice weapon, powerfist
Land raider phobos

Artifice armour, artifice weapon, power weapon

4x thunder hammer, 4x dragonscale shield, heavy flamer (fired rake masters hammer is master crafted)


Total: 1750

Rather than putting the apothecary with the firedrakes, stick him in the pyroclast squad. The drakes are two wounds each, they can take a lot of punishment whereas the pyroclast only have artifice armour.

The above list gives you four scoring units and two tough pieces of armour to deal with opposing armour at range.

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