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Default Salamander 30k list (Help Please)

Well as the title says I'm looking into making a list for the salamanders legion, but the main concern unlike 40k which I've got around 7 years making lists, in the 30k game I've got not much.

I'm thinking having a list with

Preitor (3 wound guy if I'm wrong), cataphratii armor, Dragon scale sheild, thunder hammer and Dragons Mantle

Firedrake terminator squad, 4 thunderhammer/dragonscale sheilds, one with hammer and heavy flamer.

Spartan landraider with flare sheilding

Elite apothecary marine to go with terminator

Three squads of

Tactical Marines 10 + rhino

That comes to around 1495

Looking for around 1750 but not sure what else to add, maybe dreads? Looking at buying betrayal at calth so bunch of marines and a contemptor dread.

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