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Yeah the current Necrons are terrible, both lore and design wise. The models/art is too over-detailed and appear to be made for 10 year olds literally, with cliche scythes for " undead robots " to largely the same skeleton heads on each unit, save for deathmarks. I doubt they'll drop the whole egyptian theme, but at least hope the units get a remodelling in next codex, cause they'll simply terrible. At least remodel the heads to be somewhat unique and screw those ugly crowns.

As for lore wise, I expect them to do something actually important, like smite the nids and establish themselves as number one enemy to Imperium.

As for Necrons getting flesh bodies again, I doubt it will happen. Lore wise it would make sense and they're actually trying to pull that off but tabletop wise I doubt they'll change the whole gimmick. People came to love the soulless undead machines, not some " we don't even know how they looked as necrontyr " fleshling race.

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