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Originally Posted by R_Squared View Post
OK, I understand that they're not to your taste, but I was just trying to bring to your attention a few things that as an ork player I know about, and that you didn't appear to know about, or appreciate before calling to squat the faction.
Orks haven't been "goofy", probably since at least 6th edition, I did mention that before i'm sure? I couldn't say what it was like for sure before then, the last experience I had with 40k up until 2 years ago was back, was in the 80s in the days of rogue trader.
I don't play them because they're "goofy" though, or enjoy them for that reason, I play them because I enjoy the fact that they are fun to play, and don't take themseIves too seriously. Their outlook is that war is fun, and that encourages me to play to that philosophy. For example, I often make decisions that favour an Orks outlook, if given a number of choices. It's like I'm role playing to a degree.
I think I would do that if I was playing any faction. However, I personally prefer to play the bad guys, and play something different, something alien. Whilst I appreciate Imperial forces, personally I wouldn't want to play them, except for maybe Mechanics, they're practically a different species.
I'm glad there are people willing to play imperial forces though, it's better to have a bredth of opponents to play against. I even like to play against Tau, which is why I didn't call for them to be squatted. In fact I think they should be expanded, a whole raft of xenos species waiting to deploy for the greater good would be an enrichment of the game.
It seems like the issue is a divergent idea of what is goofy. I think having an entire army/culture based off of mispronounced slang is goofy. You don't, evidently. But I think you're taking my dislike too seriously (ironically), since the thread is just asking if I had to pick one race to go who it would be. I'm not saying fuck everything about Orks or their players, or that GW realistically should cut them, but they are the least interesting race to me since they are so ridiculously one-sided. I'm just not into that.

Originally Posted by hailene View Post
I don't think you're going to find very many anime fans that go "oh, man, that looks like a mecha."

If you want to argue that some of the Tau battlesuits appear to be inspired by Japanese Mecha to someone that does not really know mecha, then I can agree with that, I suppose.
I knew three people who thought about getting into 40k as Tau because they liked Gundam (not sure which specific series) and Robotech. Obviously, they aren't the same, but there are stylistic similarities beyond the fact that they are giant robot suits.
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