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An observation and one reason why I like Russia.

I ask for a Long Island Ice Tea. The guy fills 4/5 of a pint glass with spirits and 1/5 with pepsi. Charges me 4.
In England, the country with the smallest fucking measures in the world, they'd fill 1/5 of a pint with spirits and 4/5 with pepsi and then charge me 6+ for the disgraceful excuse for a drink. I must admit that I'm a little drunk from 2 of them and totally ashamed of how shit bars are in the UK.

The last time I went out in the UK, I drank 5 Long Islands and could probably go and operate heavy machinary and pass a breathalyser test without problems. The reason I stopped at 5 was because I'd totally run out of money to pay the extortionate prices for a quantity of alcohol which wouldn't even get a fucking 5 year old drunk.
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