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Default Ah....Fuck....

Dom ran as fast as he could, he heard the resounding bangs of frags, he only remembered tossing one so one of the other men from the detachment must have tossed some more. The ground was solid under his feet, he was thankful that it was not tunnel lurker breeding season, the last thing he needed was to get mauled by those recently hatched little ankle biters. He kept his pace and slung the Heavy Stubber onto his back to get some balance while he ran. The outpost walls getting closer as his boots thudded the ground, other frantic men running with him.

It wasn't very long from leaving his position that he heard the deep roar of one of those....ork things shouting at its comrades.

"Come on you gits, run 'em down!" The big one said, he assumed it was big, it sounded different and he didn't want to waste energy looking back. It confused him greatly that he understood what it said though.

"What the fuggin' hell!? They speak Gothic?" It was low gothic to be exact and very broken, like a misused tool. The men near him didn't seem to care about his astute observation, survival being the primary goal at the moment.

His legs burned as he pushed himself further, it had been a while since he had a run this rigorous, the only reason he was as fit as he was despite his beer-gut was mandatory exercise in the force and his friend's incessant nagging. He had to push through it, and maybe get that runner's high they always talk about, either that or drop and be trampled...or worse. He saw the gates and noticed they were starting to close, but he would undoubtedly make it at this rate. As he was about to run through, he saw one of the nameless bastards near him trip, but instead of letting him fall like some heartless bastard, he grabbed him by the back of his flimsy flakk vest and heaved him forward just enough to get through the gate. The man scrabbled to his feet, and ran somewhere else.

Krassus stopped once he was through, and heard the clank of the gates shutting and the curses of that scrawny one, he looked like one of the unfortunate residents of the deep mines, he wondered how they dealt with the Tunnel Lurkers down there. After entertaining that tangent of thought he got to the task at hand and grabbed his Stubber and cocked it ready to let loose if the gate should fall. Just as he did so he heard some booming voice, it sounded barely human but distinct from the rabble of the Xenos. He wondered if it could possibly be something worse than these giant green things.

"Fug it all....What now?" He said to himself as he hefted the gun, he had no faith in any of the propaganda that he had heard all his life, let alone the crap the said in training that he mumbled along with to stroke the drill sergeants little ego. Whatever came next, the only thing he had faith in right now was the heavy gun in his arms, and the memories hung on his neck.

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