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Tiberion, first off let me welcome you to the RP section of Heresy Online. It is always good to see new faces around here expecially someone who is willing to do some storytelling/GM'ing.

Secondly, before you go diving into the deep end I would suggest that you take a while and read some of the older roleplay threads that were successful (meaning they ran through to an 'ending'). Both Darkreever's rp's and Unxpekted22's rp's are good references.

Being new here it might be good for you to let people know about your roleplaying experiences and if you have gm'ed before so they can get a feel as to what they might be expecting from you.

Also, I see you have posted up 'characters' in your own roleplay. I would suggest against this because any character you play, as the GM, is by default an NPC (non-player character). The GM needs to, by necessity, be somewhat apart from the players or else it ends up just being the GM telling an epic story for their own character(s) and the 'players' just following along in their shadow.

Having NPC characters visible to the players can cause issues if you as the GM need to tweek things as the storyline evolves.
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