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Default Challenge

The humans ran.

They ran like mindless prey animals bolting from the scent of a predator in wild panic. The greenskin swine, true to the base nature of the xenos breed, gave chase in exultation. The mere concept is anathema to me even as I watch it play out before my own eyes. I fight down the acidic sourness of bile that wells up from my gullet in response to what I witness.

I can smell their fear on the wind and feel a twinge of cold shame that they disgust me so. They are only human.

Two of the hunched xenos linger behind the pack, distracted and arguing over their damaged vehicle. Between one stride and the next I holster my pistol, this filth is not worth the precious holy rounds within the chamber.

The beasts are unaware that their lives are now measured in the span of my twin heartbeats.

I feel a roar break from my lips as I shed first blood upon the parched ground.


The ork kicked the trukk with a piggish grunt, drool quivering from the edge of his scarred lips as he snarled before shooting a glare up at his counterpart within the mismatched vehicle’s cab.

It was the last thing the xenos beast saw before nearly half a ton of enraged Templar smashed him into the bolted metal frame of the trukk with the sickly wet sound of snapping bone. The steel sheeting of the vehicle crumpled under the blow, caving inwards as green alien blood spattered over the crudely painted crimson sides.

‘You dare defile the pure tongue of Humanity?’

Theo’s words were a thick vox snarl as he wretched the ork from the impact crater, feeling the shattered bone of the xenos grate against each other as he spun the beast around to face him. The ork’s animal eyes rolled limply in its head, the foul green blood that flowed through its veins poured freely from its broken jaw and over split lips. A black clad gauntlet locking around its throat brought the beast’s attention back to the immediate present with a strangled gasp and Theo pulled the creature closer to his faceplate. The xenos pawed weakly at his grip for a moment before Theo flexed, his gauntlet snapping closed with the sharp crack of a spinal column shattering.

The young Templar dropped the body as it went into spasm, eye lenses the colour of pure blood tilted upwards to where the second xenos sat, mouth agape, behind the ramshackle steering wheel of the trukk. For a heartbeat the beast did not move, its porcine eyes wide, pinned in place by the violent end of its fellow.

With deliberate care, it reached out to the door at its side and Theo heard the low click of a locking mechanism engaging.

Behind the emotionless visage of his faceplate, Theo gave a snarl and crossed the short distance to the driver’s door. The ork inside squealed and backed away, fumbling around in the interior for what Theo assumed to be what amounted to a weapon for the bestial xenos.

It never got the chance to bring anything to bear as Theo simply punched his growling chainsword through the thin metal of the door and into its chest. The interior of the trukk was suddenly, and violently, painted green with the blood spraying from the churning teeth of the black chainblade. With a jerk and a screech of metal, Theo pulled the now wet blade from the mangled door. Loops of alien intestines slid from the rent like serpents to flop wetly upon the ground.

Theo was already turning away from the kill, his thoughts sour and anger a burning pain in his chest. He flicked his idling blade to the side, sending a spray of green flesh and blood across the ground. These beasts were wretched; their blood stank with fungal decay. Their very presence tainted this world in a way that would not be cleansed for decades to come. He stalked passed the crippled xenos’ vehicle, his lips curling back at the bitter scent of human fear and the sight of the broken human bodies that littered the ground.

They were so frail, so weak in body and will. No wonder the Emperor, in all his divine wisdom, conceived the primarchs and their gene-sons to lead humanity in conquering the galaxy.

His gaze continued onwards, towards the dark edifice in the distance, and the fleeing forms that were tailed by the lumbering silhouettes of the xenos pursuers. One stood out over the rest, a brute of a ork that roared to its lesser kin. Disgust was replaced by a cold fury, a smoldering furnace of rage at the xenos filth, and a blade’s frosty edge of duty. Theo’s left hand clenched into a fist as he broke into a lope, chainsword slowly purring in his right gauntlet as its teeth dripped greenskin blood with each stride.

The small outpost would endure the xenos’ attention for a short time, but there was nothing in the way of armaments upon the walls for the human soldiers to turn on the alien swine and the gates wouldn’t hold under the combined strength of the orks for long.

Suddenly, with a howl of dying engines, Theo’s attention was snatched away from the distant walls. Proximity warning runes lit up at the corners of his vision even as he threw himself into a diving roll. Threat icons blazed like embers as the ground shook under the impact of the craft that had fallen from the heavens above him.

Theo came up in a fighting crouch, his rage scalding that he had not detected the object sooner. His vision scrolled through filters to cut the plume of smoke and dust cast up by the wreck, and target locks blazed as the occupant of the mangled ork craft was finally revealed.

The ork pilot trashed against the twisted metal of his craft, the fact that the creature still lived was testament to the durability of the alien filth. Theo could see that it was hopelessly pinned in place, jagged metal plates torn from where they had been bolted and now embedded into the flesh of the ork. Theo glanced back towards the outpost and gave a low snarl, if the humans were to survive the next minutes they would need the orks’ attention elsewhere than the doors.

Theo gave a feral smile behind his emotionless helm as he turned to the burning wreck and the ork trapped inside, his chainsword coming to snarling life in his grip.

I will give these beasts something they understand.


It only took a moment to retrieve what he sought from the downed ork fighter as the flames licked at the spilled fuel, and Theo turned back to the humans he was sworn to protect with his lifeblood. His ground devouring lope slowed after a handful of paces, turning into a predatory stalk as he blinked his external vox to full volume and filled all three of his lungs.

Greenskin Filth!

His voice was a deep, snarling thunder across the desolate ground,

Run! Run you Coward. I expect a weakling like you would chase such puny trophies!’

With a massive heave, Theo flung the item he had taken from the downed ork plane with all his might towards the back of the largest of the orks.

Behind him, the flames finally overtook the xenos craft and it detonated in a brilliant ball of flame. Theo continued to stalk forwards, drawing his pistol from its tooled leather holster. His dark shadow was cast out before him, lit by the plume of flame at his back and as dark as a herald of death from the ancient texts of Old Terra.

With a growl of hatred, Theo broke into a run.

I am death incarnate.
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