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Liam's lungs felt like they were on fire and his legs threatened to give out on him at any moment. The only thing that prevented him from hitting the dirt face first or slowing down were the screams of his squad mates dying and their pursuers laughter. The outpost loomed ever closer, the walls a good ten or fifteen feet high and looking like they had been drawn up from deep below the ground.

He knew he shouldn't look back, that it would be a mistake that could cost him his life, but Liam glanced back anyway and immediately regretted doing so. They were huge, maybe six and a half feet tall and just as wide, all muscle, and wielding all sorts of things that could be used to kill. Their leader was even larger than the rest, eight feet tall and the source of the laughing as it slammed a giant slab of wood into a trooper and tossed the man over its shoulder like the act was nothing. God-Emperor save them all, these were the Orks and there was no way they could stand a chance!

"Come on you gits, run 'em down!" The giant Ork boomed, its voice harsh and hoarse but easily carrying over the noise of the 'smaller' aliens.

Already some of the group had gotten into the outpost, quickly turning to get the gate doors closed. That was it, they'd all be able to keep these Orks out if the doors were at least partway closed when they got through. But the doors didn't slow or stop closing despite everyone not being behind them, and that was when Liam realized they would not be stopping; they were going to lock him and the few others outside!

"Wait damn you, we're still out here!" Liam yelled, digging deep and running faster while the doors kept closing. He wasn't going to make it! He was going to be left to die!

Finally Liams legs gave out and he screwed his eyes shut, waiting for the Orks to kill him. After a second Liam heard the banging of fists on plascrete, opening his eyes he realized that he was in the outpost.

"You fugging bastards!" He snarled, jumping up and scrabbling to get the lascarbine slung to his back in his hands. As he did so though, he heard noise coming from the main building; anger warred with fear for a moment, quashing thoughts of being scared with the thought of exacting some sort of revenge on whatever the source of the noise might be.

"Somethings in the building there, come on!" Liam called out, running over to the building.
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