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Default [Interest Check] Sengoku Jidai Interactive History

There is another forum game I used to do on another forum involving samurai. I like to host a sequel to it or perhaps a slight prequel to it. I like to know if anyone would be up for it? It would be set up in the mid 1500's in Japan.



There will be four seasons per year. Each chapter represents a season. After each chapter i will give options for each Clan for the next chapter. The diplomacy between players will last for one week. After a week the players will submit their answers.
A player can pm other players with their diplomatic offers,with nonplayable Clans pm me. Players can also demand submission to Vassal for other clans or submit themselves if the other player accepts via diplomacy. This means that when submitting the player continues playing the game with limited options under the rule of the player they have submitted to. Also when a player conquers another human players clans last areas,he has the choice to make him vassal or exterminate his clan. If he makes the other player his vassal.The player that has turned into vassal continues playing the game as vassal of the other player with limited options. Decided by the victor,they can continue serving as generals for example fighting campaigns semi independently. If the players Clan is exterminated by the Conquer,he will drop out of the game. Also the loosing player can decide to commit Seppuku, which will result in him dropping out of the game after he has lost all his lands.
When player conquers the whole territory of nonplayable clan he has basicly the same options.To include the Clan in his retainers as vassal or destroy it and give the lands to new lord of his choosing. Vassals can revolt, but as they are only semi independent there is always high risk of getting cought. If the players reach a deal in diplomacy they should make a public announcement about it.If the deal is secret one,all you need to do is for other of the deal makers to pm me about it,so i can take the deal in account. During the second week i will write the new chapter and post it in the end of that week or following weekend. The first playable factions are:


Each player has the knowledge of the maximum amount of troops he can raise. This is also the indicator of their wealth. Basicly one man= one koku (amount of rise to feed a man for a year). I have thought long and hard about how to solve this and this is how the economy will play out.

For example if you can raise maximum of 20000 men for your army, that means you can alternatively build for the amount of 20000 koku. As Japan is feudal society, the amount of trade is very limited and most income comes from taxing the agriculture.Here are prizes for buildings you can build:

Church/Temple 1000 koku (helps keeping the province happy,converting to other religion).

Teppo factory 10000 Koku (starts construction of your own teppos, first about 100 per season,later cannons etc. and increases its production.)

Castle upgrade 5000 koku (makes you stand sieges longer and betters the training of your men)

The castle sizes are from smallest to largest:


Simple castle can hold out about 1 year of siege if well supplied, small about 1 and one quarter of year, medium one and half of year, large one and three quarters of a year and huge about two years of siege.

ship for your fleet 100 koku( each ship can carry 100 men.) Annual upkeep for each ship you have is 20 koku.

Each building takes an year to finish,you can build up to 10 ships per season on your coastal provinces.

For example if you can draft 15000 men in maximum, you can start building teppo factory during spring, but after that you only have resources left to maintain army of 5000 untill its completed after an year.

Portuguese and other European traders.

European traders arrive each Spring to Kuyshu. From there they move to Honshu and Shikoku during summer. They carry muskets and cannons as their merchandise,but not enough for all Japan, so depending on the Western Daimyos, the Eatern lords might not get any. Here are the prizes of their products.

musket 10 koku

cannon 500 koku

We be using a map similar to this to keep track of the nations and the fractions. Each person will be controlling a fraction and it's armies and you're be roleplaying in thread primary as the warlord of the clan.

Who is up for this ?

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