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Originally Posted by Ring Master "Honka" View Post
That's a good Idea Grim I've got enough spare arms and weapons knocking about to convert this purple eldar into a close combat guy.

would it look weird to have old and new Guardians mixed together in one squad?.
Maybe, but you could just come up with a fluff reason for it. Some quick ideas for that - small craftworld, a brutal fight with (random race) nearly saw them overrun and a lot of their crafting capability was destroyed and hasn't been able to be repaired yet. Maybe they are a more religious craftworld that despises Vaul (maybe they are just way too into Khaine) so people look down on crafting and few people choose to become exarchs down that path. Or, maybe they spent a lot of time separated from the craftworld and just haven't had time to restock in decades. I'm sure you could come up with something!
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