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Originally Posted by Ring Master "Honka" View Post
yeah im feeling a bit more confident with my painting so lets ruin some eldar

I will Probably try another Couple with less / no pink see how it turns out. The pink was the bit i wasnt sure of so i might take another crack

ha ha oh yeah hadn't thought of that. those are some nice looking deamons

F**K YOU SLAANESH yeah i feel better

i will do another coat but i quite like the speckly blue seems like he has a frosty face

Harlequins would be good just to really blur the line.

Now i just found several boxes of eldar from many years ago. here is my first attempt at counting them

i bought a few models then bought a massive box of them off someone for £60 so im really not sure what there is

1X Farseer (metal)

2X Avatar of khaine (Both Metal)

30X Guardians (15XNew Plastic, 11x old all same stance, 4 metal)



8XSwooping hawks(Metal)

2xSwooping Hawk exach (metal)

6XDire Avengers(Metal)

10xstriking scorpions(metal)

2xscorpion exachs(metal)


2xspiderexach(uh metal)

6x Grav cannon crew and 2 grav cannon platforms(still metal)

5x Wriath guard(metal ... is that one lead?)

1xHarlequin death jester (wax.. just kidding its metal)

1xfuegan the burning lance(ahh god more metal)

1xeldar reaper missing his gun(Why metal there is so much)

1x wraith lord(made from super practical Metal)

1xWarwalker(God damn metal again)

3xGrav Tanks (1 i gave to grim and is now a dakka jet)

20xJet bikes(i think i dont know there are so many parts)

3/4x vipers(again there are just parts everywhere)

and a metric shit tonne of bits possibly full models i think more guardians are in there.

Guess how many of them are painted... NONE NOT A DAMN ONE IS PAINTED JUST BASED.

now i remember why i was put off doing this.

It's quite a bit. I would think over what you want from this army. How would you like to play it? Then sell some of it off to buy newer kits. Might easen up the motivation.

Good to be green

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