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Default Remnants of Mei-Kanas

Hi All

as much as i am enjoying my ork army every now and then my mind wanders to the eldar army i gave up on.

all sitting there unpainted, unloved and gathering dust.

so i have decided to paint them as a change of pace from painting orks.

i think i have a colour scheme i think im happy with but i wanted your guys opinion
here is mr tester guardian (i say tester guardian to explain the scetchy painting.)

and yes that is the OLD style guardian my Eldar collection is old and includes metal and lead models alike.
His head changed colour about 4 times it was purple then white then settled on the ice blue

things i expect to do in this log

1: figure out an army name
2:post a list of current eldar units i own (none of which are painted... not well anyway)
3:take a walk down memory lane.

i wont be converting to much with these so will just be a painted Eldar Army(thats what orks are for)

let me know what you think of the colour scheme and please make suggestions of what might be good.

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