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looks pretty fluffy to me but am no expert on 40K history although I sm a bit surprised that they already have dreds despite there young age.

How you make the info box? lol

"I am Honored to call every single one of you my brother.....You will die today, I will die today but if we must die for the greater good of humanity so be it. With our deaths, our children will blossom into the stars with the Primarches of anew and start a new, grander crusade in the name of the Emperor and as the Emperor's chosen, we will guide them to that path......Show them the true fury of the Emperor's wraith one last time my brothers!.....Forward in the name of the Emperor and may you find salvation with the Emperor when the end comes for you.

- Chapter Master Nilus Pentis of the Ultra Hawks,
00.? 42M, Second battle of Terra

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