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Default Sherlock Holmes inspired chapter

Chapter Database
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Hounds of Baskeron

Chapter Aspects
Little is known of the origins of the Hounds of Baskeron except that they were part of the 26th founding with the purpose of being deployed to defend one of the many vulnerable Imperial fronts. Over the course of their short existence even less has come to be known of this chapter, what has been observed is that the Hounds of Baskeron do not strictly follow the Codex Astartes.
The Hounds of Baskerons believe that their results justify their means and if they cannot defend the Imperium within the confines of the codex, then they will go outside the codex to achieve their aims. This is aided by the fact as a chapter; they do not specialize in any one form of warfare and as such maintain an even balance across all disciplines. The major physical divergent from the codex is that all fully sworn battle brothers wear dog shaped helmets. For an outsider this can easily be seen as a representation of their pack mentality, as competition is high within the chapter. Sergeants and Captains are often called to break up scraps between units.

The Abbey, the Hounds of Baskeron’s fortress monastery is a large battle-station in orbit around Baskeron. Recruits are drawn solely from Baskeron, a small feudal world characterised by its moorland, inhabited by primitive humans with no knowledge of the Imperium. Once every cycle of the Abbey around Baskeron, the chapter’s apothecaries will lead small teams onto the surface to covertly genetically test the male infants, those that are deemed as potential future brothers are taken away back to the Abbey. Because these recruits will have had no experience with their parent culture, the Chapter is all these recruits will know. The unfortunate local inhabitants that stumble upon this are quickly dealt with as the damage of them knowing of the truth, is greater than the death of one person. However there are those that witness but do not understand and as such the local inhabitants live in fear of a fearsome, diabolical hound of supernatural origin that steals children and butchers all those that lay eyes upon it.

The standard Hounds of Baskeron colour scheme combines ash black armour with a grey chest eagle and shoulder pad trim. The left shoulder pad is the chapter symbol on a red background. Sergeant helmets are also grey.

Notable Brothers
Commander Ursus Kaanan: Current and only Chapter Master of the Hounds of Baskeron. In their short history, Conan has made a name for himself. Other Chapter Masters have referred to Conan as a savage and brute because he has often attacked other chapter’s commanders who have dishonoured or insulted him.
Brother Stapleton: Chaplain of the Hounds of Baskeron.
Brother Holmes: Librarian of the Hounds of Baskeron.
Brother Seldon: Ironclad Dreadnought of the Hounds of Baskeron. Rumours suggest that Seldon was not originally a Hound but what is known now is that his loyalty is unquestioned
Brother Mortimor: Ironclad Dreadnought of the Hounds of Baskeron.

Notable Events
849.M41: In combination with the Fire Hawks Chapter, successfully purged the remnants of CLASSIFIED through numerous drop pod assaults
878.M41: Called to assist the Star Phantoms chapter on Berethein in combating the Hrud migration
905.M41: Assisted in the capture of the Dark Eldar Kabal of the Scarred’s Archon, Etherin , blockading the Kabals only escape route for the White Scars to deliver the final blow
949.M41: Refused entry to the Feast of Blades on the grounds of not being children of dorn (This has yet to be confirmed or denied)

Insert Log

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999.M41: Hounds of Baskeron except the request of Inquisitor Alexei de'Ossmann to assist in combating the Tau Empire on the former Imperial planet Narva

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