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You missed the updates to the Emperor's Children. Now everyone gets a flat +1 I on the turn they charge as part of the Legiones Astartes special rule. Phoenix Guard are finally WS 5. Kakophoni are now Heavy 2 instead of 1 and become Relentless with the new Rite. Sonic Shriekers are now -1 WS to models in base to base contact. Some pretty big changes. Very cool indeed.

The weekender has really kicked my passion for heresy into overdrive. The fact that you can build your own Knight Errant gives me a character I can put in my army that (from a narrative perspective) is the one who vouches that my Emperor's Children are in fact loyal. Plus now there's a Rite called Orphans of Betrayal that gives buffs against Traitors. Basically before the 'loyalist Emperor's Children' was just in me head and wargear choices. Now I can actually represent them on the tabletop!

My contribution to the Renegades saga. Check it out

My growing IIIrd legion stuff:

17th Millenial (Homebrew Fluff) - "Children of the Emperor, death to his foes!" (Project Log)

Also my 30k tacticas, for those of you interested:

Crusade Army List tactica - Individual Legion tactica

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