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Default February 2016 Weekender Discussion

You probably weren't there, but you've probably seen the scans. Big changes to existing Legions (who needed it). Big deals:

Dark Angels hit you on 3s if they're equal WS and using a sword. That includes combat blades on Tacticals, so it may well end up being a pretty strong ability. Also a kinda-Alpha Legion downside where you have to finish the game with more units than your opponent or you lose a VP. Probably not going to be a big deal. Rites of War for Ironwing and Ravenwing, I don't remember what they do other than +1BS for having multiple vehicles to a squadron. Also some awesome relic blade with Instant Death called a Terranic Greatsword, presumably available to HQs or, terrifyingly, on Legion-specific units.

Blood Angels. Wow. +1 to wound with any Melee type weapon (and given that pistols are CCWs, which are Melee type, I don't know why they didn't just say '+1 to wound in melee'), which is pretty incredible. What's more incredible? Instead of a Heavy Flamer, you can pay another 5pts on top and turn it into an Assault Cannon (Predators get a TL turret mounted one for free). So Predators with TL Assault Cannon turrets, twin Assault Cannon sponsons and a pintle Assault Cannon? Who needs Mortis Dreadnoughts when you can bring Assault Cannons inside your Power Fists? You can't bring more vehicle units than non-vehicle units, but I don't think that's a huge downside. One Rite is kinda like 40k BA where you get +1 Initiative on the charge. With your +1 to Wound.

Hit-or-miss Rites of War for everyone else. Word Bearers get massed Drop Pods full of Gal Vorbak (as Troops!) and Sons of Horus gets Pride of the Legion on steroids, while Ultramarines get a bunch of Recon Marines leading Auxilia units and Raven Guard get one-turn Zealot/have to kill the Warlord/inspire all the Auxilia guys. Night Lords get a Rite further down the timeline of their degeneration into the 40k Night Lords, the Raptor Cult, which has Night Raptors as Troops and everyone can buy Trophies of Judgement for 25pts per unit, but they have to charge if they can and someone's in 12" which is kind of annoying. Not as good as Angel's Wrath or Terror Assault in my opinion, but fluffy and hey, Raptor Cult, what's not to like? Death Guard get some switcheroos, they don't need a Rite to bring Rad Grenades and they get cover if they stand near people for some reason. There's some more generic ones - can't remember details, one moves the Primarch over to HQ instead of Lords of War which is neat. Most of the Legion-specific ones are chronologically further down the timeline, and are traitor/loyalist-specific which is quite cool (the Iron Hands one is a fuckload of Medusan Immortals who have Hatred against traitors out to avenge Ferrus). Speaking of, you can now bring Shattered Legions and Blackshields with mildly confusing rules. Still, Blackshields are cool.

Just mentioning Sons of Horus, Justaerin are stupidly improved. Your 255pts buy-in price is now 5 guys, not 3, and they're a measly 40pts to add extra guys. Oh, and W2. Absolutely bonkers. Raven Guard I think got a price increase on Mor Deythan, which I don't know enough about to hold an opinion, but Dark Furies got *even better* with their Lightning Claws being upgraded to Raven's Talons for free (Master-Crafted and Rending for everyone). Deathshrouds get *way* better with the general DG improvements and an overhaul of Power Scythes - they've replaced Sweep Attack and Unwieldy with Reaping Strike, which is -1 Initiative and if you're in B2B with more than one guy, you get +1 Attack. Much, much better. Dorn also gets Reaping Strike instead of Unwieldy, which is a massive improvement for him being Initiative 'Primarch' and being on a big base.

The new Knight is apparently just sit-down-clench-your-anus-and-hold-on-to-your-hat levels of bonkers, but I haven't seen it myself.

Discuss, basically. I haven't covered even nearly everything here, so throw in your cents!

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