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Caul, Robickai, Thede, Greiner, Krassus, LaVeer, and Keldor; You break into a desperate run with the others, some running in any direction that is away from whoever is shooting. For those of you that sprint towards the outpost you see the blocky pre-fabricated getting larger. However gunfire and screaming alerts you of danger from behind. If some of you look back, you will see hellish figures giving chase to you. Brutish creatures, hunched over as they run after you, with slabs of muscle cover their arms and upper bodies and firing wildly with all manner of gun.

At their fore is massive creature, easily two heads taller than the rest and wielding a two handed weapon that might as well be a cavern support beam. Without breaking stride it swings its weapon low, catching one of the squad in the back of the legs and throwing him up into the air and over its shoulder. A random gunshot hits another of the men you are running with in the back, making him stumble and fall only to be set upon by the creatures.

"Come on you gits, run 'em down!" A hoarse voice booms, coming from the lead monster.

Hearing these words, you dig deep and find the strength to run even faster, closing the gap with the outpost walls. Shouting for anyone within to come to your aid, you do not question why the gates are open and no one is responding. Crossing the thresh hold, some of you turn to the outpost gates, desperate to get them closed before the monsters get in.

[Run for all your worth! When you get to the outpost are you one of the squad that close the gate? In the process another of your number is killed, head blown off and showering the rest of you in brain and bone. If you are not, looking around you see no one else here, only the fourteen troopers that survived. You hear noise from the main building, are you amongst those who go investigate or do you stay here to catch your breath?]

Tobias and Elias; Jumping into the darkness your senses are assaulted by the wind as you begin to fall. Others are all around you and you see the ship plummet in the corner of your vision, one wing on fire. The peace of freefall is cut short mere moments later as a torrent of gunfire rips into the air, shredding another of the squad. The ugly shape of the Ork aircraft dives past the rest of you, a wing catching another of the group and sending his lifeless body spinning to the ground below.

The vessel banks sharply, guns firing even before coming anywhere near the rest of you. Trooper Vaarn scrambles to aim his lasgun, but high calibre rounds punch through his armour before he gets a chance.

[Follow Vaarns example, this thing is not letting you lot escape if its pilot can help it! As you attempt to hit the pilot, trooper Dillon manages to aim the underslung grenade launcher of his own lasgun and hit the cockpit directly. Sadly the Ork fighter smashes into him, and peppers the rest of you in metal fragments and glass.

As the ground gets closer, the last of you activate your chutes, making a rough landing within the walls of a seemingly deserted outpost. Trooper Jaques hits the ground in a heap, a fragment piercing his gut. The two of you need to get him to the main building and find medical supplies to help him!]

Theodoricus; Sprinting after the Orks and humans, your anger only further compounds as you close the gap with the wrecked vehicles but their occupants have fled to a nearby outpost with the greenskins hot on their heels. That is, all but a pair of Orks trying to get their trukk moving; it would appear someone had damaged the engine with a lucky grenade or gunshot.

"Come on, fix 'dis piece a scrap!" One of the two growled, kicking the engine as he did.

[Dispatch these two as you see fit.]

As you continue in the direction of the outpost your autosenses warn you of danger from above. Rolling to the side, you barely dodge a flaming metal wreck crashing into the ground. Looking over the sight, its clear this was an Ork jet, the pilot somehow alive, though pinned within its cockpit.

[Kill this one or ignore it, the 'choice' is yours; whatever you do though, the jet will explode a minute after you leave it behind.]

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