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I kind of been jumping around the Horus Heresy set a bit, but here's what I have been reading.

The First Heretic: 9/10 (I really loved the development of the Word Bearers as they are obviously my favorite legion, and it was a really fun read. I would have preferred a bit more action, and that's why I didn't give it a 10/10.)

Angel Exterminatus: 8.5/10 ( Again, a lot of great development in the legion story. I loved the Iron Warriors, and grew to hate the Emperor's Children and finally realized why they are deemed the "bad guys". Again, I could have used a little more action, but overall worth re reading.)

Iron Warriors Omnibus: 10/10 (Absolutely spectacular. I am sad by the fact that there was only one novel and a couple short stories. I wish there were more actual novels from the Iron Warriors, but overall very awesome! I could read about them all day long. I bought Siege of Castellex, and I am anxious to read that!)

So I have to admit this to everyone, because I feel like I am strange or doing it, but lately I have been reading the ebooks/physical books along with the audio books at the same time. Basically following along as the funny brit guy is in character. It's almost like watching a movie inside my imagination. If you haven't tried it, I would highly recommend trying it!! It's great!

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