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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
Unless you play lots of Marines, I really don't think the Nurgle Prince is all he's cracked up to be - sure, Shrouded is probably the best bonus, but not being able to Sweeping Advance in combat is a huge deal.
Not sure I agree about this one - If you play the Daemon codex variant, you can get a Instant Death, Poison 4+ weapon, that is AP2 in the hands of the Daemonprince. With Initiative 8 and 5 attacks on the charge, that is absolutely devastating to any army that plays big nasties (Looking at you Eldar Wraithknights and Tau Riptides). In all honesty you won't need the sweeping advance most of the time he gets into combat.

The CSM variant has The Black Mace which is a whole other ballgame, seeing as it is one of the only weapons in the game that can hurt even gargantuans on a 2+, as they are not immune to fleshbane.
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