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Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post
CSM DPs don't get T6 in the first place--they don't get the Mark of Nurgle, instead they have the "Daemon of Nurgle" special rule, the only unit in their codex to have the "Daemon of" rule. It's basically a clone of the "Daemon of" rules in the CD codex, though the Nurgle one is actually slightly different: in addition to Shrouded, Hatred (Daemon of Tzeentch), and Slow and Purposeful, it also gives defensive grenades!

They aren't T6? I've been playing them wrong then I knew the daemon one was't but I had thought that the CSM one got that +1 to toughness. Whoops lol

I may invest in some beast of nurgle and more drones. They're fast and tough. Maybe not as killy as others, but the speed and toughness should offset the crummy plaguebearers.

Dear Lord the IG has tons of Dakka
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